Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Or, as Ben says: I Can Haz Votez?

We've been very busy at the Open Rights Group over the last few months on our e-voting monitoring project. 25 ORG volunteers were accredited as election observers under new voting legislation, and watched the use of e-voting and e-counting systems in May's elections. The results were shocking even to e-voting sceptics such as myself.

We are launching our report on the elections this evening, and hope that those MPs and civil servants coming along will take note of our key conclusion:

The technologies used at the May 2007 election — and the processes by which they were implemented — caused significant problems that raise concerns about the accuracy of the results declared. The nature of the technologies and the problems they caused have served to seriously undermine the faith that candidates, agents and voters have in the integrity of British elections. Much of the responsibility for this lies with the Government, which has shown a naïve and insufficiently robust approach to managing technologies and their suppliers.

ORG concludes that, given the problems observed and the questions remaining unanswered, it cannot express confidence in the results declared in areas observed. Given these findings, ORG remains opposed to the introduction of e-voting and e-counting in the United Kingdom.

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