Sunday, June 24, 2007

New PM a convert to ID cards

Andrew Rawnsley, who usually writes with great authority on the machinations of New Labour, claims that our new prime minister has renounced his scepticism of ID cards. We shall see, when the ID management review he commissioned from James Crosby is published shortly. As Henry Porter writes:

When the ID card scheme is abandoned, the Inquiries Act redrafted to return scrutiny and power to Parliament, when elements of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act are repealed to allow demonstrations within a kilometre of Parliament and a distinction is made between arrestable and non-arrestable offences, when the Tribunals, Court and Enforcement Bill is stopped in its tracks and an Englishman's home again becomes his castle, when the government stops punishing people without a normal court deciding that an offence has been committed, when the national surveillance of motorways and town centres comes before Parliament as a bill and is not just allowed to be implemented by a few power-crazed police officers, then I will admit I am wrong and I will rejoice at a genuine restoration of liberty and I will praise Gordon Brown to the skies.

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