Saturday, June 09, 2007

No, Labour has not turned Britain into a police state

Martin Kettle thinks that the new Taking Liberties film is, well, taking liberties…

Both the crackers-down and the free Saxons thrive on exaggeration. Sometimes, inevitably, each has a point. Faced with new terrorist threats, porous modern states have to amend their rules or risk unprecedented types of horror. But the rule of law has to be defended from impulsive governments and overmighty police too. Most people recognise these things are complex and delicate. Reid's more emollient tone on terrorism law this week was overdue but welcome. Pretending things are worse than they are does no one any favours, from wherever the pretence comes.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks he won't know what hit him when they start to use all these powers aggressively against people who have upset them. How about the powers proposed for Son of Child Support Agency?