Monday, June 25, 2007

Where can Tony Blair go now?

"There is only one place for Tony Blair. America beckons, where so many people have still not seen through him, with a lecture circuit on which he can easily rack up $100,000 a time (and Cherie can top up with not much less, as she has already begun doing), and where he has another friend who owes him one. If, after all the prime minister has done for Rupert Murdoch, the munificent magnate can't stump up a few million dollars for Blair's ghost-written memoirs, there's no gratitude." —Geoffrey Wheatcroft


Anonymous said...

Your comment here really has been placed without thinking out of thebox at all. Whatever you may think of Tony Blair, he has successfully lead this country for 10 years. Mistakes were made and his reputation paid for that. But let me ask you this.....could you run the country? His annual wage while prime minister was less than a premiership footballer gets in one week. If he is capable of getting $100,000 for a seminar, then why should he be expected not to? Would you turn down that money to talk about your past career? I think you should be far more cautious when stating your ideas, or those of others.

Anonymous said...

You are, of course, Tony Blair!