Monday, June 11, 2007

Who is behind DoS attacks?

How far are governments behind any of the large-scale Denial of Service attacks we have recently seen? Thanks to Chris Marsden for pointing out this speculation from Robin Bloor in The Register:

Most governments have "cyber soldiers" ready to engage in cyber warfare and it's quite likely that some of the incidents that are reported as hacker activity are government cyber soldiers out on exercise. Only Russia and China have an official branch of the armed forces devoted to cyberwarfare, but whenever any military activity or even military tension occurs cyber warfare breaks out. It happened first in the disintegration of Yugoslavia. It happened between India and Pakistan and more recently in the Middle East - where it is happening at a low level most of the time anyway, but the activity increases when the bullets fly.

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John Lettice said...

Urk, not sure about that one. The extent of Russian and Chinese cyberwarfare operations isn't at all clear, IMO. And speaking as someone with some experience of heavy duty DDOS attacks, I can definitely say an awful lot of this crap comes from Russia and China. This suggests to me that there a lot of compromised machines there, not that The Reg has ever been assaulted by the People's Liberation Army. (-: