Monday, November 19, 2007

Britain is a US client state and should not forget it

"In his speech on Tuesday the prime minister himself said ingratiatingly: 'I am a lifelong admirer of America. I have no truck with anti-Americanism in Britain or elsewhere in Europe and I believe that our ties with America founded on values we share constitute our most important bilateral relationship.'

"Those are interesting and thought-provoking words. Is it 'anti-American' to regret that we were dragged into the Iraq adventure purely to demonstrate Blair's — and Brown's — fealty to our most important bilateral partner, or even to wonder occasionally whether the last few years may not have raised questions about the fitness of the US for its role as hegemonic superpower? Does the prime minister have in mind the 'shared values' of Guant├ínamo Bay and Abu Ghraib? Of 'extraordinary rendition' and 'enhanced interrogation'?" —Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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