Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fortress Britain, a grotesque thought

"If, as Gordon Brown says, 'terrorism can hit us anywhere', then what is the point? Where is the benefit in a mentality at once paranoid and supplicant? If a former iron chancellor is hoping to turn into an armour-plated premier, to create a vision of imminent threat that he alone can protect us from, he is failing. These new measures don't make him rock-like and brave but weak, flappy and overreactive. The term 'helicopter parent' is used to describe the obsessively risk averse, who hover over their children, terrified they will bump heads, scratch legs, wander an inch out of sight. We don't need a helicopter PM.

"But if this is just about creating a fearful hunger for authoritarianism to justify the extension of the 28-day detention limit, in turn so Labour can appear tougher on terrorism than the Tories, if Britain is to be made a citadel in the name of party politicking, it is an unspeakable shame." —Janice Turner

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