Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy ORG day!

Support the Open Rights Group
One of the most exciting political organisations in the UK right now is the small but perfectly-formed Open Rights Group. It was founded two years ago based on a promise from 1,000 people to donate £5 per month to a UK digital rights organisation. Ever since, ORG has been exploiting new Internet technologies to massive political effect. Old-skool tech like public meetings, parliamentary lobbying and mailing lists has combined with ORG blogs, wikis, twittering and assorted other 2.0 technologies to:

  • Convince the Gowers review of intellectual property that Cliff Richard was not the leading copyright thinker that he claimed.

  • Expose the shocking electoral problems caused by e-voting and e-counting equipment in May 2007's ballots.

  • Persuade the All-Party Parliamentary Internet Group that Digital Rights Management is not manna from heaven for the creative industries.

I'm extremely proud to have helped found and run ORG. So, why aren't you a member yet? Join now!

PS Danny O' Brien has a nice potted history.

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