Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eunuchs, death threats and copyright

Last week the Social Market Foundation held an event on Intellectual Property Rights and Consumer Rights, sponsored by the Alliance Against IP Theft and with a keynote speech from the Minister for Intellectual Property, Lord Triesman. Muggins here was the token "consumer" speaker in a room packed full with right holder lobbyists and lawyers.

The highbrow tone of the debate did not disappoint. From the floor one IP lawyer asked Lord Triesman whether bands like Radiohead should be banned from trying out new business models. In his presentation, Eighties popstar Fergal Sharkey variously called me a eunuch, ultra-liberal cyberprof and über-capitalist free marketeer. I assume that means I had taken a reasonably balanced position! Still, better than the death threat I got from Nineties crooners Right Said Fred at a similar event organised by JP Morgan in 2001.

If like me you're more interested in copyright policy discussion than ad hominen attacks, you can read through my slides and also Michael Holloway's report on the meeting. Meanwhile, Lord Triesman has more pressing concerns.

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Citizen Dave said...

It's getting worse, by the way..