Monday, December 10, 2007

The Picture Of Conformity

After the hell of being herded for 25 minutes through Heathrow Terminal 1 security on Sunday, this Washington Post article (via ORG) on "anticipatory conformity" struck a real chord. It includes this comment from Paul Saffo:

"As the memory of a world without surveillance disappears, society will just create a new normal, and then you'll see worse horrors. Our whole lives will become like the TSA checkpoint. You walk in there, you don't look mad, don't look upset, don't look distracted. Do nothing to stand out."


John East said...

I've long realised that as long as society changes sufficiently slowly then boring old farts like me can be ridiculed for harking back to "golden ages" in education, civic pride, etc.

About 25 years seems sufficient for a new adult population to accept just about any decline in civilisation which would have been unacceptable to their grandparents.

Perhaps we need to communicate across the generations more effectively, or maybe younger people should make more effort to study their history.

nate said...

i agree wholeheartdly to your comments sir. I am 24 going on 25, and have been lucky to benefit from sound teachings from my parents. They teach me to be compassionate to everyone and always be humble. it is so true that 'youngsters' nowadays are influenced heavily by the media and its terrible messages. i am a total believer in bringing back discipline (not harshly) and bringing about some change in this nonsense of cctv etc...

however on the other hand, to track perperators of crimes such things are neccesary. Law says yuou need evidnence. anyway, i think ive gone off the point...but please feel free to email me at i love talking about an ideal world . (if there is one?) i would like to heasr your stories and thoughts on society. thanks, take care,nate