Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Schneier: Security in Ten Years

"Throughout history and into the future, the one constant is human nature. There hasn't been a new crime invented in millennia. Fraud, theft, impersonation and counterfeiting are perennial problems that have been around since the beginning of society. During the last 10 years, these crimes have migrated into cyberspace, and over the next 10, they will migrate into whatever computing, communications and commerce platforms we're using." —Bruce Schneier


Citizen Dave said...

"There hasn't been a new crime invented in millennia."

Copyright violation?

Andy said...

Dear citizen dave and all, I'd argue/counter the point that copyright violation is a new crime. It is more generally, rights violation or fraud as listed above. One might argue that crime is crime and it's definition allows for variations in law and social systems over time. Long live the semantic web!
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Best wishes,
Andy Turner