Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who is the Justice Secretary kidding?

"In Wednesday's Guardian we had a superlative example of repackaged narrative. With jaw-dropping chutzpah, Jack Straw tells us that not only is it a complete fantasy that Labour reduced liberty — in fact Labour advanced its cause. Well, as my old mother would have said, tell that to the marines.

"This piece of effrontery did not come as a total surprise, as only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to debate the government's record on civil liberties and heard the same load of horse manure fall from the mouth of the former Lord Chancellor, Charles Falconer. It is the new line. 'We gave you human rights so we have actually added to your civil liberties.' He who fashioned it? I can hazard a guess but, dear reader, do not be misled. What it tells us is that spin is alive and well and sadly living in the hearts of some of those we thought had been translated to the new administration unencumbered by the pall of the old." —Baroness Kennedy QC

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