Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cyberspeech: the limits of free expression

Index on Censorship have kindly asked me to speak at their event on Internet censorship at the Soho Theatre on 25 March. I'm looking forward to the discussion, especially as the panel includes one of my favourite writers on rights, professor of philosophy AC Grayling:

Now that downloading the wrong kind of material can get you a prison sentence, is it time to challenge an encroachment on a fundamental liberty, or does the internet need tighter controls to combat the influence of extremism?

Index on Censorship presents a debate about the limits of free speech online, with AC Grayling, Panorama’s Shiraz Maher and Dr Ian Brown of the Oxford Internet Institute, chaired by Index editor Jo Glanville.

For a preview you can read a preprint of my forthcoming book chapter, Internet Censorship: Be Careful What You Ask for.

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