Thursday, March 13, 2008

Morality does not make good public policy

"Morality, which is hard to define let alone to measure, is not a good basis for public policy. Science is a good basis for public policy. Economics, even. But not morality. Look at sex education in the US. The Bush administration promotes abstinence. No information about condoms, nothing about safe sex. The result of this cross-your-legs-and-think-of-God approach, according to official figures released this week, is that a quarter of teenage girls in the US have a sexually transmitted infection. How moral is that?" —Elizabeth Pisani


Anonymous said...

Good arguement, except that it leaves us with no options. What is your advice?
Everybody should go sleeping around like dogs as long as they use a condom?

Anonymous said...

On a second thought, maybe you are partly right, morality isn't just a good basis for public policy; and though Morality may be hard to define, Sound Morality is 'the basis' for good public policy.