Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skype presentation on Internet blocking

I just had the interesting experience of giving a presentation (at Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2008) by Skype video. It seemed to work well — with minimal technical difficulty, we had a reasonably interactive panel discussion as well as my talking through my slides. It saved me two days of travelling; 1.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions; and having my photo and fingerprints taken by US Customs. Of course, I miss the opportunity to now go for a drink with the panel and audience :)

I'm also experimenting with SlideShare. Thanks to them you can see my presentation below (on proposals for "three-strikes" legislation that would force ISPs to terminate the accounts of alleged copyright infringers). All comments welcome!


Mark van Harmelen said...
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Brenden Kuerbis said...

I'm curious how much planning went into doing your remote participation? Did the organizers of CFP plan remote participation for panelists or did the panel organizer just pull it together? First time I've seen Slideshare, did an on-site person advance slides for you? How was the Skype audio integrated with on-site audio?


Ian Brown said...

Just the panel organiser. I think at least one other panel did the same. I was hoping someone on-site could project my slides on a separate screen (even just directly from PowerPoint) but there was only one projector in the hall. I thought about getting those in the audience with laptops to download the presentation and follow along, but wasn't organised enough to set that up.

One of the panelists simply plugged his laptop's audio and video outputs into the hall projector and speakers and maximised his Skype window. Commendably low-tech :)