Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Toffs can champion the poor

Bullingdon club
"Toff-bashing has become a displacement activity for a Labour party that has lost its popular roots and its radical faith. This is sham class war, a substitute for grownup politics, and the voters have noticed. In Crewe, Labour supporters passed by those stupid posters and voted Tory, and in London the white working class also voted Tory. It might be that we live in a new age of deference and that cheery Cockneys were so overawed by pictures of Johnson in his Bullingdon kit that the they doffed their cloth caps to him. Or it might just be that they are fed up with Labour." —Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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ianvisits said...

It could be that thanks to New Labour's mania for sending everyone to university which has resulted in the "working class" dominating university life - so when a newbie arrives and looks aroung looking for toffs, what he/she sees are "toffs" who are actually just like them.

Their sterotypical impressions of what a toff should behave like shattered, they cease to invoke a reverse snobbery about the upper class.

I am of course, being just a tiny bit sarcastic.