Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The shame of 2MB

Beef protests in Seoul(Flickr photo by fetus karate)

Apropos my current visit to talk about online communities in Seoul, where tens of thousands of "digital protestors" are out on the streets campaigning against the import of US "mad cows"…

Young protesters who felt their president was out of touch sarcastically called Lee "2MB" — a hopelessly slow computer processor speed of two megabytes — which coincides with Lee Myung Bak's initials. ("Two" is pronounced "Lee" in Korean.)

I assume the Koreans are actually referring to Megabits/second (a measure of broadband speed) rather than Megabytes (a quantity of storage) :) 2Mb/s is the common home broadband speed in the UK, whereas South Korea's world-beating infrastructure more commonly provides 50–100Mb/s.

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