Thursday, June 12, 2008

A shaming victory on 42 days

"The prime minister has squandered parliamentary time, goodwill and his reputation as a man of principle on a symbolic sacrifice of liberty. That sacrifice is gratuitous, a vote on a law that would not work, is not needed and which, quite possibly, will never come into force." —The Guardian

"Such is the likely negative impact of this measure on the very people whose loyalty to Britain we most need to win, that we might end up being less secure as a result. So, less liberty in return for less security. What an irresistible offer." —Timothy Garton Ash

"Each new measure is justified in the same way - you have nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong, But that is no longer true. We have everything to fear from a State that has lost all sense of proportion. In a free society, rights and laws protect people from the government. In a tyranny, rights and laws protect government from the people." —Camilla Cavendish

"What made Gordon Brown's moral compass needle swing to Belmarsh jail? Last October, he gave a speech on freedom in which he called Britain's 'passion for liberty' our 'gift to the world'. Now Zimbabwe and other unsavoury regimes will no doubt be copying our pre-charge example." —Mary Riddell

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