Sunday, July 20, 2008

A joint is a lesser menace than binge drinking

"Possibly I feel this way because I liked taking (soft) drugs when I was a teenager myself — my fondness for marijuana got me expelled from boarding school, in fact, due to an unfortunate incident during an Italian translation class. The vocab had struck me as so intensely hilarious — it was something to do with Jesus at Gethsemane — that I couldn’t control my laughter, fell off my chair and lay on the ground, convulsed with mirth, unable to obey increasingly furious orders to get up.

"The fact is that this had only positive consequences: I changed schools, stopped having to play bloody lacrosse (the sheer hell of which had sent me in search of new pastimes in the first place), moved home to London, regained normal freedoms and occasionally took more drugs. By the time I went to university I had grown bored with the druggy scene and had evolved enough to get over the sense that drugs were exciting and naughty — an insight, I observe, that still eludes many less precocious middle-aged types, 20-odd years later." —India Knight

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