Sunday, July 06, 2008

What is your SatNav recording about you?

TomTom SatNavA Metropolitan police forensic analyst has discovered that TomTom satellite navigation devices are retaining all sorts of information about their owners' movements. Unsurprisingly, the police are now accessing this data as part of their investigations. As I told New Scientist, I would imagine better privacy protection will soon become a popular feature in this type of device as customers realise what's happening.

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yokel said...

He's a bit slow off the mark! Over a year ago I heard a Traffic Police Officer describing a crash investigation in which he stated categorically that with the help of "their friends at Garmin" (the other SatNav people) they knew exactly what the driver had been doing up to 3 seconds before the impact.

Use a PDA with a navigation program on it, then at least you can see what history files it writes and delete them if you don't like it. Won't help for the current journey, but will surely stop Plod from getting interested in previous journeys.