Sunday, September 07, 2008

A billion here, a billion there…

"Prison reform, along with hospital cleaning, inner-city schools or armoured vests, lacks the glitz that has atom smashers, velodromes and aircraft carriers sailing through the Treasury door. A lobbyist has only to say that some giant scheme is 'good for Britain' and the cabinet goes limp.

"If I had a pet project to push I would include in its title the words terrorism, computers and international league table, and ensure that it cost not less than a billion." —Simon Jenkins

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ianVisits said...

I see a lot of press releases in my line of work, and I can usually spot a science body seeking funding by how it is written.

In the post 9/11 world, all you need to do now is suggest a link - no matter how tenuous - to preventing terrorism and the day after your big announcement you'll have governments offering to fund the research project.

(put in a link to bio-terrorism and that is a triple word score)

I can't really blame them though - if that is how you have to raise funding in today's world, then you might as well exploit it.