Thursday, September 04, 2008

Security tech and democratic legitimacy

Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Eurostar, which got me to Brussels and back today for an EU meeting on security research and human rights. I talked about how we can make sure new security technology supports rather than subverts European political values:


Bertil Hatt said...

As a fellow Pastafarian, I can fully appreciate a reference to the beneficial effects of Its Noodly Appendice — but regarding the Eurostar, I do believe the benefits are due to clueless individual (and mostly Froggy) investors.

As en economist, I also fully appreciate the rather solid argument: what you are doing is the most expensive option; only in the UK you could argue that No reaction is the good reaction.

As short-sighted person, who sometimes tries to read presentation, I can only ask: slide 13. Do you hate me and my fellow myopic friends?

Ian Brown said...

Vive les investisseurs froggy ;)

The original text of the EP resolution on slide 13 is at