Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Secretary doing best to attack our rights

Jacqui Smith
It is unsurprising to see that the home secretary's speech yesterday on "protecting rights" is full of evasions and half-truths. She switches from justifying surveillance powers to investigate terrorism and serious crime to discussing the needs of the TV Licensing Agency to catch "persistent offenders" (does Charles Moore know?) or for councils to evict "noisy neighbours." She waves shrouds about individual cases, when the evidence is that the bloating of our National DNA Database to a size far beyond anywhere else in the world has had little impact on crime. She continues the push towards the "modernisation" of interception, aka a £12bn centralised database containing details of everyone's communications and Internet activity.

Her rhetoric is unpleasant tabloid-baiting fantasy given the recent S and Marper decision of the European Court of Human Rights. Perhaps she has been taking lessons from the Secretary of State for Justice?

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