Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year, new database madness

"So now we arrive here, at the beginning of 2009, in database mayhem. Our electronic information is being gathered at ever increasing speed. It is being kept everywhere from Newcastle to Iowa. It is unregulated and it is unaccounted for. It is being taken from cars, left on train seats, lost in the post, stolen left, right and centre by internet hackers of every stripe, by women's magazines keen to make a point, by schoolboys. Twenty five million of us have had our details compromised so far. And the government's greed for our private information is still not being reined in…

"Whether it's the public or the private sector that handles this morally compromised, wholly unjustifiable, technically unsustainable data-gathering exercise hardly matters, despite the protestations of some sectors of the IT and communications industry. What really matters is that it is being done at all." —Christina Zaba

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