Friday, December 05, 2008

What is privacy?

"Privacy is indeed a right. It is more: it is an essential. Private life, a margin of inviolability for our thoughts, feelings, intimacies, reflections, anxieties, our hopes and nascent plans, and our recoveries from the abrasions of life, are fundamentals of personal and psychological health. Even lovers must have their privacies from one another. It is a strange and shallow human existence that lives at every moment under the burning eye of the inquisitor – exactly what the church once wanted us to think was our predicament: existence before the never-closed eye of a jealous divinity, even when we are alone in the dark. It shows that the state, in wanting to attach so many electronic and bureaucratic monitors to its ordinary citizens, has given up on that other idea." —A.C. Grayling

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Citizen Dave said...

I generally hate to quote Ayn Rand, but savages live their lives in public, civilisation is privacy (or something like that).