Sunday, February 15, 2009

Constitutions and tussles in cyberspace

EIFFEL is a group of leading networking researchers funded by the European Commission to "provide a place for discussing and exchanging ideas and research trajectories on the future of the Internet architecture and governance building as a foundation of the future networked society." I'm proud they have asked me to speak on Tuesday at their second meeting, alongside such luminaries as MIT's Dr David "end-to-end principle" Clark. You can see my presentation below — any comments (before or after Tuesday morning) most welcome!

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Iang said...

short and sweet! I wonder if there is room to comment on the emerging fight going on between Skype and the TLAs? It seems to me that we have a shift going on where the supposed open source / IETF concept has failed to provide what we wanted, and now companies are randomly experimenting in the space.

(Random side comment on my blog!)