Saturday, February 14, 2009

The rot in the Home Office

"There is something very tenth-rate about the illiberal, restrictive, humourless, narrow-minded, meddling, coercive, uneducated and punitive Home Office ever since David Blunkett, begetter of this rot, made it such a blight on the fabric of Britain. It passes understanding why Blair and Brown have put such useless people in charge of it; but the thought that they cannot be better advised is worrying." —A.C. Grayling

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Guy Herbert said...

He's wrong, of course. The Home Office has always been like that. Heard of Sir Maxwell Fyffe?

What changed was that a hyperactivist government made the appeals to 'security' and moral panics that the Home Office has always indulged in entirely central to its politico-legislative agenda, and encouraged the Home Office to rewrite the criminal law and to expand its empire. The Home Office moved under Blair from being a necessary evil to a primary engine of governance - not least because he had handed all the non-security spending departments to his super-Chancellor.