Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bush war crimes must be prosecuted

"The need to criminally prosecute those who authorized and ordered torture (as well as illegal surveillance) is absolute and non-negotiable (and … in the case of torture, criminal investigations are legally compelled). A collective refusal to prosecute the grotesque war crimes that we know our Government committed is to indict all of us in those crimes, to make us complict in their commission." —Glen Greenwald


Hate said...

There is no evidence of any torture being authorized by the Bush administration. Under US law what is described isn't torture.

Ian Brown said...

That is not what the current US Attorney General, US President, and International Committee of the Red Cross have said.

Anonymous said...

Not happening.

Anyone who believes Obush, er Obamuh, would do so does not have a clue how things work behind the scenes in DC...that is all.