Saturday, April 18, 2009

Citizen Snoops

Eyes down citizens, only terrorists look at the cameras
"The same government that now asks householders to play Miss Marple with next door's garbage has, properly and impressively, encouraged the public to look less beadily at those around them: to stop filing in their mental copper's notebook details of sexuality, religion or physical capacity that departs from what was previously defined as the norm.

"And so an administration that has been no stranger to contradictions is now caught in another one. Having urged us to be less mistrustful of others, they now urge beady scrutiny even of a stranger's trash. And teachers who would rightly be sacked if they commented on a student's race or sexuality are now prompted to brand their charges as terrorists in sneaky phone calls. If anyone has been missing lessons, it's the people who came up with these misguided ideas for a sus culture." —Mark Lawson

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