Sunday, April 12, 2009

PC Porkie Pie is on the case again

"Surely nobody, now, would believe the police’s version of events, not even one of those independent inquiries we get every so often to mollify public opinion. Not after the fabulous rubbish which the Met has come up with so far in order to evade the blame for Tomlinson’s death — or, while we’re at it, the stuff they initially came up with when Jean Charles de Menezez was shot by them. Or the desperate scrabbling around for an excuse or a smokescreen after they had shot Mohammed Abdul Kahar, in Forest Gate, for the crime of being in possession of a provocative beard and a copy of the Koran. Child pornography and loads of money underneath his bed — got to be a wrong ’un. All, as it turned out, lies." —Rod Liddle

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