Saturday, April 25, 2009

A victory for terror

"In Europe, we have lived with various forms of terror for at least a century, and accepted it as a fact of life. That is why terrorists always lost, because, on balance, our way of life always prevailed. The terrorist was defeated by irrelevance — by failing to make an impact upon the fundamentals of our life. People died, often horribly. Families were devastated and communities disrupted. For a day, a week or a month a road was closed, a bus station was surrounded by policemen, a wrecked district cordoned off. Then life was rebuilt. State, society and business co-operated in ensuring normality returned at all costs. Whether the City of London or the heart of Paris or Rome, wherever atrocities were committed, life as we knew it ultimately continued. But not any longer. Now, terror has gained the upper hand." —Ilana Bet El

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