Monday, June 08, 2009

China orders installation of blocking software

Interesting to see that China has ordered PC makers to install custom-developed blocking software on every new PC from next month, which will prevent users accessing sites on a secret list that is centrally updated by the government. Although pornography is the stated target, clearly the list will also include the political opponents already filtered by the Great Firewall. Network-based blocking must have been insufficiently reliable for the Communist Party.

I imagine the software will also have other "interesting" functionality such as providing direct government access to user data.


Anonymous said...

Why don't I know this news?

Bombie said...

The Guardian reports that the government is loosening requirements that all computers produced in or imported to China must have keyword filtering software installed on their hard drives, following concerns over a host of technical, legal, and other problems.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a group of 19 trade organizations representing tech companies wrote a letter to the Chinese government, stating that the plan for the 'Green Dam' software, “raises significant questions of security, privacy, system reliability, the free flow of information and user choice.”

chinasoftwaredevelopment said...

This is, of course, intriguing. The citizens of China don't have the right to read everything posted on the internet, and still, this country is one of the best in creating and developing computer and internet software.