Thursday, July 09, 2009

Snooping biters can be bit

"Some MPs may bridle at the extent of public surveillance, but parliament has shown not the slightest desire to defend personal freedom from state surveillance. The bland claim is made by home secretaries that intrusion is required for 'national security', the excuse for absolute power down the ages. Nor is data remotely safe in state hands. When the government tells us its national identity register is wholly secure, it is lying: witness the high-security laptops and CDs discarded by the week. There is no such thing as secure electronics.

"Technology gives to those in power, whether in government or the media, immense scope for intrusion. The snooper will always be one step ahead of the defenders of personal freedom. In the case of the government, ministers might at least learn from the Telegraph and News of the World that biters can be bit. If they find ways of gathering absurd amounts of information about private citizens, citizens will gather absurd amounts of information about them." —Simon Jenkins

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