Monday, October 05, 2009

Enough poison about the Human Rights Act

"They have fought important battles for personal freedom: opposing 42-day detention of suspects without charge, opposing ID cards, and opposing unjust extradition, and the poorly designed European arrest warrant. And it has taken these positions in a thoughtful and well calibrated way, without naivety as to the gravity of the issues involved.

"It is time, now, for the Conservative party to take the final step: to make the Conservative case for the Human Rights Act. It is our own bill of rights, and it is Churchill's legacy." —Peter Oborne

"The Tories have suggested introducing a Bill of Rights, based on the provisions in the convention, but also drawing on this country's own traditions and sorting out the problems of judicial application. That would be a properly conservative approach, although given the amount of legislative time taken up by constitutional measures, my suspicion is that this will slide quickly down the list of Tory policy priorities." —Philip Johnston

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