Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oxford still not quite getting student diversity

Floreat Etona
Oxford University is supposedly doing its best to encourage applications from state school sixth-formers. Invigilating at an exam full of students in "subfusc" this morning, however, put me in mind of an evening with the Bullingdon Club (spot the mayor of London and leader of the opposition in the photo above).

I wonder how these silly fancy dress regulations impact on teenagers who don't wish they had gone to Eton.


Anonymous said...

ah, but wikipedia misses the best bit - the regulation white/pink/red carnations. Oxford florists must love exam season!

yorick said...

Im not sure fancy-dress and drssing up are as class-based in the UK as you assume: pantomimes, drag pubs, female stag night teams, etc etc. all suggest to me its a national vice.