Thursday, April 01, 2010

Toe-prints added to ID cards

Some exciting news hot from the Home Office:
Regulations have been tabled today, to be enacted before the dissolution of Parliament, to allow toe-prints to be added to the list of biometrics collected from individuals when they enrol for an ID Card.

The move will allow for shorter queuing time at airport security as anyone who is requested to take their shoes off when passing through airport security scanner (or a whole body scanner) will be able to have their toes checked and their identity confirmed when they stand in the scanning system. Biometric toe-print readers have already been successfully trialled with security scanners at Doncaster’s Robin Hood International Airport near Barnsley.

I am looking forward to getting more details on the draft “Identity Cards Act 2006 (Toes Biometrics) Regulations 2010” later this morning.

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